Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Child Custody Proceedings

A joyful father holding his laughing toddler, sharing a playful and happy moment outdoors surrounded by greenery, embodying the serenity before facing complex challenges like same-sex divorce in New York.

As you and your spouse undergo child custody settlement agreements during your divorce proceedings, it is important that you act in a way that will not skew the New York court’s decisions. Continue reading to learn the common mistakes to avoid during this time and how an experienced Nassau County child custody lawyer at Barrows Levy PLLC can guide you.

What are the most common mistakes to avoid when facing a child custody case?

Importantly, you should not and cannot ignore the New York court standing orders placed against you. Doing things on your own terms would not only be bad for your case, but it is illegal and punishable by law. If you feel as if the court orders do not properly reflect your child’s best interest, the proper way to fight for an adjustment is to contact the court and officially file a request.

Additionally, you should generally avoid posting on social media altogether during your case proceedings, even if your account is private. This is because you do not want to give your co-parent any way to use your online presence to question your character in front of the New York court. Notably, they will have access to your private messages and deleted posts on your social media accounts. Specifically, you should not post any of the following things on social media:

  • Do not post a rant about your ongoing child custody case.
  • Do not post any type of threats, regardless of who/what it is directed toward.
  • Do not post jokes about your co-parent.
  • Do not post pictures of you doing anything questionable.

Whether or not it is on social media, you should overall not badmouth your co-parent in any way. If you do so in front of your child, they will experience confusion about their feelings toward their parent. Ultimately, your co-parent can use such actions against you in your case.

And lastly, it is important that you have a dedicated attorney on your side who will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your child, and overall, help you avoid these common mistakes. In this case, you must retain the services of a skilled Nassau County family law attorney as soon as possible. Our team will help you become properly equipped for your child custody case. Schedule your free initial consultation today.


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