Virtual Weddings Are No Longer Legal in New York

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Zoom weddings became a popular trend throughout the pandemic for couples to keep their wedding plans intact even when they couldn’t see their family and loved ones face to face. Online wedding ceremonies allowed those who had wedding plans to include their family and friends in their wedding while still adhering to social-distancing requirements in New York. There was even a new program put into place that allowed couples to handle the paperwork to obtain marriage licenses on video with the Project Cupid program. Unfortunately, this was only possible under Governor Cuomo’s executive order. Continue reading to discover what sparked the new change in virtual weddings that made them no longer legal in New York. If you have any questions regarding your Zoom wedding, do not hesitate to reach out to our family law attorney today.

New York Virtual Weddings Are No Longer Legal

New York is now requiring individuals to be in the presence of an authorized officiant in order for the wedding ceremony to be legal in the state as of late June 2021. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order temporarily modified the law to allow people to obtain marriage licenses and hold ceremonies virtually. The executive order has now been lifted, meaning Zoom marriages are now outlawed in New York. New York’s state of disaster emergency was ended effective June 25 due to the region’s progress in dealing with the pandemic. Many couples with virtual wedding ceremonies scheduled after June 25 have had to change their plans.

The current law in New York regarding weddings ceremonies requires couples to be married in the presence of an authorized officiant. Prior to the executive order being lifted, wedding ceremonies could be held anywhere as long as the couple was in the state. New legislation would be necessary in order to keep virtual weddings legal.

However, the governor’s office is adamant about the fact that this new change is not stopping couples “from live streaming a safe trip to City Hall or your clergy’s office,” they told Times.The Marriage Bureau, which has been locked down since March 2020, has announced that they will be reopening. This will allow couples to schedule appointments in their Manhattan location for as early as July 23. “It’s the summer of New York City,” de Blasio said. “A lot of people are going to experience amazing things here, why not get married?”


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