What Can Cause Divorce?

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When you say “I do” to the person standing across from you at the altar, you’re likely envisioning the years of love and happiness yet to come. However, this isn’t always the case, as nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Understanding the most common factors that cause divorce is crucial to determining whether a relationship is healthy. If you think you and your partner would be happier apart, enlisting the help of divorce attorneys in Nassau County is crucial.

Infidelity and Commitment Issues Can Cause Divorce

One of the most prominent reasons couples choose to separate is due to infidelity from one or both spouses. This is typically viewed as a massive breach of trust and the ultimate betrayal. When one spouse cheats, it can cause the other to feel insecure and unable to trust their partner. When both spouses seek out others, it’s a sign that they may not get what they want from the relationship.

Infidelity is often compounded with commitment issues, as many are afraid to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities that come with marriage, so they will often seek extramarital affairs. While this is not always the case, as some may simply lack the care necessary to work on the marriage, it frequently comes with infidelity, as they do not want to feel trapped.

Constant Arguing Is Grounds for Separation

When two couples cannot agree on anything, including small, seemingly insignificant points, it can often lead to divorce. While it’s normal and healthy to fight every once in a while, daily arguments are signs of trouble.

Whether you disagree on a significant issue like whether or not to have another child or something as small as how to fold the laundry the right way, it can lead to frustration, anger, and resentment.

Instead of dreading going home after work to enter another argument with your spouse, you should look forward to spending time with them. If this is not the case, it can be the cause of divorce.

Lack of Intimacy Can Be a Stressor

When you received the perfect amount of physical and emotional intimacy while dating, it can leave you feeling lonely and angry when that goes away after marriage. While circumstances change and the amount of intimacy you engage in will fluctuate, a complete lack can cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

In these instances, open and honest communication is essential, as you’ll want to talk with your partner. They may be feeling insecure about their age or physical condition. Taking the time to get to the bottom of the issue is essential, as it can help bring love and care back into your relationship.

However, if there is seemingly no cause other than “I don’t want to,” it can lead to divorce.

If you’re ready to file for divorce, Barrows Levy PLLC can help you navigate the process. Don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out and discuss the details of your case with our experienced attorneys.

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