What Should I Do if I Suspect My Ex Is Putting My Child at Risk?

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Having to share custody of your child with your former spouse can take a toll on you. What’s worse is if you suspect that your child’s health and safety are at risk when they are under the supervision of your former spouse. If this is your case, you must take immediate action to protect your child from any further harm. Continue reading to discover how a Nassau County child custody lawyer at Barrows Levy PLLC can work on your behalf to change your child custody agreement via the post-judgment modification process.

Under what circumstances may my ex put my child at risk?

Obviously, your former spouse being physically and verbally abusive toward your child is a dead giveaway that your child is at risk while under their supervision. But then, there are the not-so-obvious ways that your child’s health and well-being are put in danger.

For one, your former spouse can act neglectfully toward your child. Neglect can take many forms, and some examples include the following:

  • Your former spouse frequently leaves your minor child unsupervised.
  • Your former spouse does not provide your child with sufficient food and water.
  • Your former spouse allows your child to consume things that they are allergic to or that affect their health.
  • Your former spouse does not ensure that your child maintains proper hygiene.
  • Your former spouse does not take your child to receive medical attention when they require it.

In addition to neglect, your former spouse’s behavior or actions may wrongfully place your child in unsafe circumstances. Some examples read as follows:

  • Your former spouse does not ensure that firearms, sharp objects, electrical appliances, chemicals, etc. are out of the reach of your child.
  • Your former spouse abuses drugs or alcohol in the presence of your child.
  • Your former spouse drives recklessly while your child is a passenger.

Can my child custody agreement be modified if my child is at risk?

If you share joint custody of your child, but your former spouse begins to pose a danger or is otherwise parentally unfit, then you may request a modification of your child custody agreement in an effort to obtain sole custody of your child. When petitioning the New York court, you will need evidence to support these allegations. Notably, if your child is of sufficient age, the judge may ask your child directly about the situation.

But before going through this lengthy process, you should take immediate steps to obtain a restraining order against your former spouse. This is the quickest way to protect your child from further abuse, violence, or neglect.

For assistance with executing this, it is best that you employ a skilled Nassau County post-judgment modification lawyer as soon as you can.


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