What to Know About Fathers’ Rights in New York

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It may be difficult for fathers to retain custody of their child. This is why if you are concerned about your child’s future in the wake of a divorce, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced Nassau County fathers’ rights lawyer. Our legal team at Barrows Levy PLLC is prepared to assist you with your custody matters as a father. Continue reading to answer some of your most common questions about fathers’ rights.

What should I know about Fathers’ Rights in New York?

Fathers are historically at a disadvantage when determining child custody agreements. However, courts are supposed to be gender-blind when making a decision regarding child custody. Unfortunately, there is still an unspoken bias against fathers. This is why it is important for fathers to retain the services of an experienced family law attorney who can help preserve and enforce the bond that they have with their child so that their child can continue to have a stable and lasting relationship with them and their co-parent.

What is the difference between physical custody and legal custody in New York?

Fathers should learn the difference between physical and legal custody as the first step in their custody battle. Physical custody deals with where the child will reside while legal custody refers to a parent’s right to make certain decisions on behalf of their child. Physical custody is important. However, when it comes to preserving your right as a child’s father, it is incredibly important to retain legal custody of your child, at the very least.

Retaining legal custody allows fathers to have a say in where their child goes to school, the medical treatment their child will receive, the type of religion their child practices, and more. With the assistance of our legal team, we will demonstrate to the courts that as the child’s father, you have a right to continue to be a part of their life and to be a role model to ensure their success in life.

If you are a father and your parental rights are believed to be in jeopardy, the best thing that you can do is to reach out to a dedicated Nassau County family law attorney. Our legal team at Barrows Levy PLLC is prepared to fight for you and your child’s best interests. To learn more about our service and how we can assist you, give our firm a call today.


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