Why Should I Avoid Social Media During My Divorce?

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Admittedly, social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is a great tool is stay in contact with your loved ones. However, if you are currently undergoing a divorce, you should not use social media to update your friends and family on anything surrounding your proceedings. To learn more about why you should avoid doing so, continue reading and see how one of the experienced divorce attorneys in Nassau County of Barrows Levy PLLC can offer you some guidance.

Why do I have to avoid social media during my divorce?

The best decision you can make is to avoid social media altogether until your divorce is finalized. Put simply, there are many ways in which social media can represent a negative outlook on your character. And with this, you do not want to give your spouse any way to use your online presence to question your character in front of the New York court. Below are some examples:

  • If you post your vacation or your big purchase on social media: your spouse can argue that you do not need financial support, which may impact your child support and/or alimony agreements.
  • If you post your new romantic partner: your spouse can cite adultery as fault grounds for your divorce, which may impact what you receive in your settlement agreement.
  • If you post your partying with friends: your spouse can argue that you have poor judgment, which may impact your child custody agreement.

Notably, even if your spouse’s claims are false, you do not want to give them any leverage in their argument by posting any of the above.

What social media tips should I follow during my divorce?

If you have been on social media throughout your divorce proceedings, it is important that you have not posted any of the following:

  • You should not post a rant about your ongoing divorce case.
  • You should not post any type of threat, regardless of who/what it is directed toward.
  • You should not post jokes about your spouse.
  • You should not post pictures of you doing anything questionable (i.e., on vacation, making a big purchase, with a new romantic partner, partying, etc).

It is important to note that your spouse’s attorney will still have access to your private messages and deleted posts on your social media accounts. So, ultimately, it is best that you avoid social media at all costs. If you require additional guidance on how to avoid social media during your divorce, it is in your best interest to reach out to a skilled Nassau County divorce lawyer at your earliest convenience. Give us a call today, as we are happy to assist you.


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