Why Should I Never Handle a Divorce Matter Alone?

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While representing yourself during your divorce proceedings is possible, it is not recommended. Put simply, the divorce process puts enough pressure on you, so you should not have to also worry about the repercussions that come with representing yourself. Continue reading to understand why you should not handle your divorce matters alone and why retaining the services of one of the experienced divorce attorneys in Nassau County of Barrows Levy PLLC will be in your best interest.

Why should I never handle asset division matters alone?

What is often forgotten is that divorce settlements require technical analysis and number crunching. Examples of such calculations needed for asset division read as follows:

  • Your and your spouse’s yearly salaries and other sources of income.
  • Your and your spouse’s earning capacity.
  • The value of the assets in question.
  • The tax ramifications of the assets in question.
  • The complex assets (i.e., stock portfolios and retirement plans).

What’s worse is if your spouse has hired an attorney and you are representing yourself. Their attorney’s years of experience in asset division will give them an advantage. If you cannot properly evaluate a settlement offer presented by their attorney, then you may have to pay the price of unfair support payments or missed asset opportunities for years to come.

Why should I never handle child custody matters alone?

The following are examples of mistakes you may make if you handle child custody matters on your own:

  • You fail to recognize the meaning of sole legal custody: if your spouse’s attorney offers shared physical custody but sole legal custody by your spouse, you may think this is fair. However, you may not understand that this means that you will not have a say in decisions related to your child’s medical care, religion, education, etc.
  • You may open yourself up to false accusations: if your spouse throws out false accusations about your character or parental abilities in the presence of the New York court, you may not be equipped to defend yourself. An attorney in your corner will allow you to build a strong case to expose their dishonesty.
  • You may not be in the right mindset: it is challenging to not let your emotions get in away during your settlement agreements, especially when it comes to decisions pertaining to your child. Acting on your emotions in the presence of the New York court may hurt your case or overall how they view your character. An attorney in your corner will advocate for you during these tough times.

With all of this in mind, we recommend that you pick up the phone and speak with a skilled Nassau County divorce lawyer before you enter your divorce proceedings.


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