Will Getting a Divorce Benefit My Children and Me?

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You may believe that getting a divorce will hurt your family dynamic, you may have to reconsider. That is, there are some scenarios in which divorce would be in the best interest of all parties involved. To learn more about the benefits of divorce, read on and see how one of the seasoned divorce attorneys in Nassau County of Barrows Levy PLLC can offer some advice.

Can a divorce benefit my children and me?

For starters, if you and your spouse are not amicable, getting a divorce may be beneficial so that you can avoid mental and physical health problems in the future. To elaborate, unresolved and frequent conflicts are known to trigger these health problems. The same goes for marriages that have recurring disputes.

Secondly, if you are being treated poorly by your spouse, walking away from your marriage can set a good example for your children. You can be a role model of self-respect and show your children that they should not settle for an unhealthy relationship.

Specifically for your children, you do not want to keep them in an environment with constant conflict. This may be harmful to your children because they can feel that they are unable to rely on you for emotional support, or even that they are responsible for your unhappiness.

And specifically for you, you do not want to keep yourself in an environment that prevents your personal growth. If your marriage is the source of most of your troubles, it can become impossible to evolve.

What should I do to weigh the benefits of getting a divorce?

Understandably, the concept of divorce can create a lot of stress and pressure that makes you question if it is worth it to put your children and yourself through it. But when you are feeling this sense of overwhelmingness, it is important that you refocus yourself and remind yourself of all the positives that this process can bring.

You should not have to suffer through an unhealthy marriage for the sake of your children. In fact, this unhealthy marriage can equally be hurting your children. With all this being said, it is best that you immediately reach out to a competent Nassau County divorce lawyer. Rest assured, we want you and your children to be able to move forward into this new stage in life with confidence and peace of mind. Give our firm a call today.


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