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Here at Barrows Levy PLLC, we understand that divorce, for many, is the most complex legal matter that they will face in their lifetime. When you trust a Freeport divorce lawyer from our firm to represent you, you can rest assured that our firm understands our responsibilities and that your case is in good hands. Continue reading and contact Barrows Levy PLLC to learn more about divorce in New York and how our firm can assist you.

Freeport Divorce Lawyer | Here to Help You

If you’re currently going through the divorce process or are about to, you can’t afford to simply hire just any attorney; you need a lawyer who truly cares about your future and who will fight, tooth-and-nail, for the best outcome possible on your behalf.  Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help in any way we can.

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Barrows Levy PLLC handles a wide array of divorce and family law matters on behalf of our clients, including the following:

What You Should Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is often seen as a major turning point in a person’s life, which is why you need to feel confident in an attorney’s abilities before hiring them. Just some of the most important things to look out for when hiring your attorney are as follows:

  • Your attorney should have a firm understanding of the law and be able to answer each of your basic questions.
  • You should feel comfortable with and trust your attorney. Your attorney should maintain an open line of communication with you and inform you as new developments in your case occur.
  • Your lawyer should have solid ratings on Google. Our firm maintains a near-5-star rating on Google with over 200 reviews, a testament to our dedication to our clients’ well-being.

Contact a Freeport Divorce Lawyer

Anyone going through the divorce process deserves a seasoned legal advocate who will tirelessly work to attain a positive outcome on their behalf. Our legal team is on your side, and we will be through each phase of the process. With us on your side, you’ll never feel left in the dark. Contact Barrows Levy PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation with our knowledgeable legal team.

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