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When you are ready, reach out to our Plainview divorce lawyer to assist you with your upcoming divorce. Our legal team at Barrows Levy PLLC is prepared to listen and speak with you regarding your divorce. We want to learn your goals, concerns, and questions. Our Plainview divorce lawyer understands the emotional and personal sides of each divorce. We will walk you through each step of the legal process ahead to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact Barrows Levy PLLC today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.

Divorce Lawyer | Serving Clients in Plainview

You can’t hire just any attorney to assist you with your divorce. You deserve to hire an attorney who has specific experience handling divorce who can put your legal matters in good, responsible hands. Our experienced Plainview divorce lawyer is ready to join you today. We want you to be able to transition into this new stage in your life with ease.

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Barrows Levy PLLC has decades of experience advocating for clients in Plainview through a wide range of family law matters, including the following:

Preparing for a Divorce | What You Should Know

There are a few steps that you can take to prepare for your divorce including the following:

  • You must prepare emotionally for a divorce. Divorce should not be a spontaneous decision.
  • Prep your financial documents before the process begins. This will help to expedite the process. Such documentation should include the following: bank statements, pay stubs, credit card statements, W2s, retirement assets, tax returns, and more.
  • Organize as much as possible. This may mean creating a financial plan, accounting for future expenses, and collecting your documentation in a specific folder.
  • Reach out to our experienced Plainview divorce lawyer.

Contact a Plainview Divorce Lawyer

Divorce may very well be the most complex and personal legal matter you will ever have to face in your life. This is why our Plainview divorce lawyer will prepare you before the proceedings begin, walk you through each step of the process ahead, and work tirelessly to achieve a positive outcome. Our legal team is here to advocate for you. Contact Barrows Levy today to schedule your initial consultation with our team.

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