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Divorce is seldom an easy legal matter, in large part because it is so much more than a legal matter, which is why if you are going through the divorce process or are about to, you should hire a compassionate Queens divorce lawyer who understands this. Our legal team knows that this is a pivotal moment in your life, and that divorce is a financial and emotional issue as much as it is a legal one. Contact Barrows Levy PLLC today to tell us your story and so we can begin mapping out the best possible strategy to meet your goals.

Why Hire a Queens Divorce Lawyer?

As you know, divorce is something that will have a significant impact on your life, perhaps for years to come. This is why you need an attorney who sees you as more than just another client. Our Queens divorce lawyer recognizes that you are someone in a time of need who is trusting us with their future, and our firm will fight for the outcome you deserve through every step of the process ahead.

Our Legal Services

The Queens divorce lawyers at Barrows Levy PLLC provide clients in Queens with bold and personalized legal representation through various family law matters, including the following:

Contested Divorce Vs. Uncontested Divorce | What You Should Know

Oftentimes, spouses can work out the terms of their divorce on their own. This is known as an uncontested divorce, and though this is the easier option, it takes a lot for spouses to cooperate with one another and reach these conclusions in the face of a divorce. In most cases, spouses will enter a contested divorce, wherein the terms of their divorce, such as child custody/support, property distribution, and spousal support will be decided by a judge. If you are in a contested divorce, you need an experienced attorney who can advocate for your rights. That being said, divorce is a document-heavy process, even if your divorce is uncontested, which is why regardless of your circumstances, you should consider hiring a divorce attorney who can ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Whether you are getting divorced or need legal guidance through another family law matter, you can depend on our Queens divorce lawyers to effectively represent you from start to finish. Contact Barrows Levy PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation.

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