Here’s What to Know About Parental Alienation in New York State

During a child visitation, a young child focused on drawing with colored pencils while lying on a couch, with an adult sitting beside her, observing her artwork.

Parental alienation is inexcusable and can psychologically impact a child in a variety of ways. Parents should always do their best to remain civil and especially to never badmouth one another in front of their children. Trying to turn a child against the other parent is known as parental alienation. Read on and reach out to our experienced Nassau County child custody lawyer to learn more about this behavior and how you can put an end to it. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What does parental alienation look like?

As you may know, parental alienation can come in many forms, and it isn’t always obvious from the start. Regardless of what it looks like, however, it can still significantly and negatively impact a child and their relationship with their parent for years to come. In some cases, one parent will make backhanded comments about the other parent, and though on the surface they don’t seem like much, they add up and ultimately cause the child to even subconsciously form a negative opinion of the other parent. In other cases, instances of parental alienation are more robust and come in the form of one parent outright insulting and badmouthing the other parent, even lying to the child about the other parent so as to sabotage their relationship.

What should I do to stop parental alienation?

Though parental alienation is downright wrong and extremely harmful, there are options on the table. First, it may be best to simply speak with the other parent, tell them you know what they’re doing, and ask that they stop for the sake of your child. Unfortunately, often, this is not enough. If you have already spoken with the other parent about his or her actions and they persist, you should consider speaking with an experienced Nassau County family law attorney who can bring the alienation to the attention of the courts. Parental alienation is proven to harm a child in numerous ways, and our firm can work to attain a child custody modification on the grounds that your former spouse isn’t acting in your child’s best interests. Again, it’s always best to work things out with your ex before it gets to this point, but if that’s impossible for one reason or another, our firm is ready to help.


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