How Can I Amend a Will in Nassau County?

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When you sign your will, you may release a sigh of relief. After all, you’re officially done with estate planning! However, it’s important to understand that estate planning never truly ends. It’s important to understand that you should review your documents regularly, as you may need to amend a will at some point. If you’re unsure why you may need to change your will or how to do so, it’s in your best interest to connect with a Nassau County estate planning lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Why Might I Need to Amend a Will?

Unfortunately, many assume that they never need to think about it again once they have signed their will. However, this is far from the truth. In actuality, you’ll find several circumstances in which you will need to change the terms and conditions of your will as your life changes. Most commonly, this is to account for marriages, divorces, deaths, and births. For example, if you welcome a grandchild into the world, you may want to update the terms and conditions of your will to include them as a beneficiary.

Additionally, you may need to change the assets you included in the document. For example, if you purchase or sell real estate or receive an inheritance, you should update your will to reflect these changes.

If I Need to Make an Update, What Should I Do?

In the event you need to revise your will, you generally have two options. The first is to add a codicil to your will. This is essentially an add-on you can create to make minor changes to a section of your will. It’s important to understand this is not as simple as writing down the change on a sticky note and fixing it to the document, but rather it is a legally binding paper you must carefully complete detailing the change you wish to make.

When you need to make more significant changes, it’s in your best interest to revoke your current will and create a new one. This is because adding too many codicils can become confusing, and the courts may reject them if there are conflicting requests. As a result, your wishes may be left unfulfilled.

Do I Need an Attorney to Assist Me?

Though it may seem simple to amend a will, it’s important to understand the severity of these matters. Generally, you’ll find that if you do not obtain legal guidance for this matter, you may make errors that invalidate the changes you’ve made or your entire will. Because your assets and beneficiaries are at risk, it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced attorney to help you ensure your will reflects your wishes.

When you need to make changes, Barrows Levy PLLC is ready to help. Our dedicated firm understands the complexities of altering or amending a will, which is why we’re ready to guide you through this process. Connect with us today to learn how we can assist you.

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