Tips to Consider when Preparing for a Divorce in New York

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Preparing for a divorce is no easy task. Continue reading to discover the most important tips to consider when facing a divorce in New York. If you require assistance with this process, reach out to our experienced New York divorce attorney today.

Learn What to Expect

When facing a divorce, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Divorce is a complex process that requires a lot of new understanding of the law. Reaching out to an experienced divorce attorney will help you to understand the process in relevance to your situation. This will give you a leg up when the divorce process begins. It is best to be prepared for what is to come. Some of the aspects of divorce you may want to learn about including child custody, dividing properties, spousal support, parenting time, child support, conflict resolution, mediation, real estate, and more.

Get Your Documents in Order

One of the biggest ways to prepare for a divorce is to get all of your documentation in order. It is essential to be organized throughout a divorce. Some of the most important documents you will need include credit card statements, income tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, and more.

Control Your Emotions

Having control over your emotional state when facing a divorce can have an incredible impact on the outcome of your divorce. Divorces can be driven by emotion and it is easy to allow negativity to get the best of you. Reaching out for assistance with your mental state when facing a stressful situation such as this is a great tool to utilize. Reach out to a therapist, support group, or divorce coach to achieve a clear state of mind.

Understand Your Options

Before your divorce process begins, it is important to understand all of the options you have regarding alternative divorce methods. For example, there are ways to avoid litigation altogether if you and your former spouse do not want to divorce in a courtroom by using methods such as mediation, arbitration, or a collaborative divorce. This can also save money and time.

Make a Financial Plan

A divorce can be costly. Creating a financial plan as you prep for your divorce will allow you to have a clear understanding of a new budget, financial plan, and overall new way of spending. This process will allow you to break down the amount you are bringing in, in comparison to the cost of living when you are transitioned to a single-income household once the divorce is finalized.

Set Your Goals

Finally, one of the best ways to prepare for a divorce is to establish concrete goals for the outcome. Setting a realistic and attainable goal for your divorce and sharing this with your attorney will allow you to visualize the end result throughout this stressful process.


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