What Is the Average Length of a Divorce?

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When you propose to your spouse, you’re likely eager to walk down the aisle and say, “I do.” If your marriage doesn’t work out, you may be just as anxious to finalize your divorce. However, understanding how long this period may take is essential. When you’re ready to separate from your partner, understanding the length of a divorce can help you prepare for the process while managing your expectations. Keep reading to learn how long you can expect your divorce to take and discover how divorce attorneys in Nassau County can help you navigate this process.

What Should I Know About the Length of a Divorce?

It’s vital to understand that divorces will vary from couple to couple. Each pair of spouses will have different challenges that impact the length of your separation. Generally, those couples enduring an uncontested divorce will likely finalize their divorce faster than those going through a contested divorce. Uncontested divorces usually take anywhere from three to six months due to the mutual agreement between the couple about the terms of their divorce.

A contested divorce, on the other hand, can be much more challenging to navigate due to the complexities. For example, if you have children, you can expect this process to take longer than those without children. This is because you will likely need to discuss the details of child custody and support payments before your divorce is finalized. Similarly, you may want to negotiate the terms of spousal support or the division of assets. In cases of a contested divorce, it can take months to years to finalize the terms, meaning you will still be legally married for a while, even if you are no longer together.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Speed Up the Process?

If you are enduring a divorce, understanding what you can do to make the process faster and more seamless is vital. However, it cannot be stressed enough that each divorce is different, and there may be factors in your relationship impacting the length of the process.

The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to speed up the divorce process. For example, if you compile all the necessary documents, including your bank statements, information about retirement accounts, estate planning documents, and insurance plans, it can help save time down the line. Similarly, the more willing you are to negotiate the terms of your divorce, the faster the process can go.

Whether you are a younger couple with fewer assets or have been married for many years, our firm can help. We will do everything possible to help you feel heard during your divorce. Contact Barrows Levy today to learn more about how we can assist you through this process.

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