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Here at Barrows Levy PLLC, we believe that our clients deserve to be treated with the utmost dedication and respect. We take pride in our ability to effectively represent them, whether they’re going through a divorce, a custody battle, or are facing any other family law issue. Contact a Westchester County divorce lawyer from Barrows Levy PLLC today.

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Barrows Levy PLLC handles a wide range of divorce and family law issues on behalf of our clients, including the following:

General Information About Westchester County, New York

As one of New York’s most affluent and densely populated regions, Westchester County boasts a unique blend of urban and suburban environments, impacting divorce proceedings and outcomes. Families and individuals facing marital dissolution in this area encounter a diverse set of challenges, from high-asset division to child custody agreements.

Our Westchester County divorce lawyers are intimately familiar with these local dynamics, ensuring that our clients receive tailored, empathetic legal support. We have extensive experience handling divorce and other family law matters in Westchester, leveraging our deep knowledge of local regulations and community standards. Whether you’re dealing with complex financial issues or the nuances of shared parenting in a suburban setting, our team is dedicated to providing the strategic advocacy you need during this pivotal time.

The Westchester County court system plays a pivotal role in divorce and family law matters, serving as the venue where cases are heard and decided. The Family Court located at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, White Plains, NY 10601, and the Supreme Court at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, White Plains, NY 10601, are central to handling divorce cases, child custody disputes, and other family law issues. These courts are known for their comprehensive approach to family law, offering services like mediation and family counseling to assist parties in reaching amicable solutions.

Notably, the Westchester Supreme Court’s matrimonial part is specifically designated for handling divorce proceedings, making it a crucial arena for those seeking to end a marriage. Barrows Levy PLLC is well-versed in the specific procedures and nuances of Westchester County’s courts, ensuring that our clients’ cases are handled with a deep understanding of local legal standards.

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