What to Know About Spousal Maintenance Enforcement in New York

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To learn how you can enforce spousal maintenance in New York, continue reading and reach out to our experienced New York family law attorney.

What should I know about spousal maintenance enforcement?

When either spouse has had a change in circumstances that changes their financial situation, either spouse may request a modification or termination of the maintenance payments. The following factors will be considered by the court to determine whether to modify or terminate spousal support:

  • The receiving spouse’s financial position changes negatively
    • This negative change can be due to the economy, a sudden rise in prices or taxes, or an illness
  • The receiving spouse’s financial position changes positively
    • This positive change can be due to the spouse receiving an inheritance that gives the spouse a better lifestyle
    • This positive change can also be due to the beginning of a new relationship that reduces the receiving spouse’s financial need
  • The paying spouse loses a job or becomes ill or injured so that they cannot earn an income
  • The paying spouse retires, changing their financial circumstances
  • The receiving spouse finds work that considerably increases their income
  • The receiving spouse is unable to support themself
  • Child support is terminated
  • Any other substantial change in either spouse’s circumstances

It can be difficult to modify a spousal support or maintenance order. This will depend on how the maintenance award came to be, such as in a separation agreement or after a divorce trial. This is why it is so important that you retain the services of an experienced attorney who will assist you in fighting to achieve a modification of the maintenance order.

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How is the maintenance award enforced?

There are various remedies that New York provides if one spouse refuses to pay maintenance. You may seek enforcement of a maintenance award under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

Enforcement remedies for maintenance in New York may include the following:

  • Getting a money judgment for the unpaid maintenance
  • Getting a wage deduction order
  • Holding the paying spouse in contempt of court
    • This will subject them to jail


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