Facing Divorce in Your Early 20s? Consider These Tips

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If you are facing a divorce in your early 20s, it is important to consider this short but impactful list of tips as you enter this process. For help with your upcoming divorce, our legal team at Barrows Levy PLLC would be happy to walk you through the steps ahead. Give our Nassau County divorce lawyer a call today to learn more about our services.

Utilize a support system.

Facing a divorce at any age requires a support system. However, when you are facing a divorce in your early 20s, it may be hard to rely on those in your life that are getting married or inviting you to baby showers. You may feel like you are at a very different stage in your life than those around you. It is important to understand that no matter the stage you and your loved ones are in life, you can rely on them to support you through this tough time. The best way to get through these emotions is to surround yourself with those that will lift you up. You may even want to reach out to professional help during this time and consider talking with a therapist or attending counseling sessions. Whatever it is that helps you, it is beneficial to face a divorce with strength and stability.

Avoid social media.

Updating social media, especially when you are going through a life-changing event, may come second nature for 20-somethings. However, it is best to avoid social media if you are facing a divorce. This includes avoiding Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even the direct messaging features of each of these platforms. Avoid posting personal information online during this timeframe to avoid your partner’s attorney having the leverage to bring up your social media posts in court. This is especially true for individuals who are facing custody arrangements.

Achieve financial stability.

Individuals in their 20s have an average amount of $24,000 to $46,000 in debt. It is likely that you and your former spouse signed on to all or most of the debt you have accumulated as a couple over your marriage. This means that you will owe the full amount, regardless of the purpose of the debt.

To work towards financial stability as you face a divorce, consider the following tips:

  • Create a strict budget
  • Downsize
  • Consider consolidation
  • Cut things out of your budget that you no longer use
  • Utilize extra payment programs
  • Pay off your largest debts first


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