I’m a Stay-at-Home Parent. How Can I Protect Myself During a Divorce?

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Going through a divorce can be challenging for all family dynamics. However, if you are a stay-at-home parent, you may be even more stressed about the outcome of your situation. As a parent who remains home, you may not have as many financial opportunities as your spouse. If you’re worried about the outcome of your separation, you’ll want to keep reading to learn what you can do to protect yourself in these circumstances. You’ll also discover how divorce attorneys in Nassau County can help shield your rights.

What Can I Do as a Stay-at-Home Parent to Protect Myself?

If you are a stay-at-home parent who was served divorce papers or you want to initiate this process, it’s essential to understand how you must proceed. The first thing you should do is start collecting your financial documents. This is even more imperative if you are not the person responsible for the bills in your household. You’ll want to collect bank account information, credit card statements, tax returns, pay stubs, and any information pertaining to your life insurance policy. Not only is this important for your attorney, but it can also help give you a better sense of your finances following your divorce.

Another thing you should do to prepare for your divorce is to start exploring your employment opportunities. In some circumstances, you may have put your career on hold to raise your family, or you may have never pursued a career. As such, exploring full- and part-time positions can help you support yourself following the separation.

How Can a New York Divorce Attorney Help?

Many stay-at-home parents worry that they will not receive anything during the divorce because they have not financially contributed to the divorce, as New York follows the equitable distribution statute. Essentially, the courts will consider how much each spouse contributed to the marriage and will divide assets according to their findings. However, they do not take only financial contributions into consideration. The courts hold raising children to an equal standard and will keep that in mind when dividing marital assets.

Your attorney will fight for your rights during this challenging time. Not only can they help ensure you get the assets you are entitled to, but they can also fight for spousal support payments to help you while you enter the workforce. Similarly, a lawyer will work to obtain the necessary child support payments your children are entitled to from their working parent.

When you’re going through a divorce, understanding how to proceed through these times is crucial. Luckily, the dedicated legal team at Barrows Levy, PLLC, has the experience you need to help you. We understand how frightening it can be to realize you may lose financial support. As such, we will work hard to help ensure you are protected. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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