My Ex Won’t Comply With Our Custody Arrangement. What Can I Do?

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Going through a divorce is a challenging time for everyone involved in the dispute, parents and children alike. However, the courts understand this is a contentious and stressful time for all parties and will create a personalized custody arrangement for each family. Despite being court-ordered, you may find that your spouse disregards the stipulations in the deal. In these instances, you may not know how to proceed. Luckily, a Nassau County child custody lawyer can help you hold your ex-spouse liable for breaking this agreement. Keep reading to learn more about your options if your spouse violated the order.

What’s Included in a Custody Arrangement?

A custody arrangement is a legally binding deal that divorcing or separating parents enter into to ensure they prioritize the best interest of their child. The most vital information in these agreements details how much time each parent will spend with their children. For example, some parents will have their children every other week, while others will have custody on weeknights while their ex spends time with their children on weekends.

Similarly, the agreement will likely include information pertaining to holidays and special celebrations. For example, if your ex’s sister is getting married, they may want to bring their children despite the fact that it is during your time with the children. As such, the arrangement may detail what will happen in these instances, as they are considered special events.

What Happens if a Spouse Breaks the Agreement?

If your spouse breaks the agreement, it’s necessary to understand how to proceed.

Whether your spouse does not show up to get their children on their scheduled day or they fail to return your children on time, your first instinct may be to retaliate. Though it’s human nature, getting revenge is not in your best interest.

Instead, it’s crucial to document these instances to the best of your ability. If you can, try to avoid phone calls or in-person discussions with your ex, especially if there is tension. Instead, stick to texting or emails, as these can be used as proof of their violation.

You’ll also want to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Unfortunately, trying to navigate the court process to hold your ex responsible for their violation can be tricky. As such, ensuring you have an experienced family law attorney to help you through this process is vital. An attorney can help prove that your ex is in contempt of court due to their refusal to follow the agreement, which means they can face severe ramifications.

At Barrows Levy, we understand this is a challenging time for you and your children. As such, we will do everything possible to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us today to learn how our firm can help you and your family.

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