Should I Hire a Divorce Mediator?

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It is important to note that litigation is not always necessary to dissolve a marriage. If appropriate for your and your former spouse’s situation, then you may opt for a mediated divorce. And with this option, you will need to hire a divorce mediator. Continue reading to learn how hiring a divorce mediator can be in your best interest and how an experienced Nassau County uncontested divorce lawyer at Barrows Levy PLLC can take on this role for you.

What is a mediated divorce?

A mediated divorce is the process in which an unbiased third-party mediator promotes negotiation between you and your former spouse that results in fair resolutions. The following are some of the benefits of a mediated divorce:

  • A mediated divorce allows for mutually-accepted divorce settlement agreements (i.e., child custody, child support, alimony, property distribution, etc) rather than agreements made by the New York family court, which will prevent the need for post-judgment modifications in the future.
  • A mediated divorce allows conversations to be kept confidential and outside of the court system, which will promote open and honest conversation between you and your former spouse.
  • A mediated divorce is a voluntary process, which will allow you and your former spouse can start or stop at any time.
  • A mediated divorce is a relaxed environment, which will allow you and your former spouse to remain amicable at its conclusion.
  • A mediated divorce cuts out the expense of divorce because you are not at the mercy of your attorney’s fees.
  • A mediated divorce cuts out the time it takes to finalize your divorce because you are not at the mercy of the court’s schedule.

Why should I hire a divorce mediator?

A mediator is necessary to facilitate the divorce mediation process. This is because they will assist you and your spouse in the following ways:

  • A mediator will schedule times when you and your former spouse can meet to negotiate.
  • A mediator will explain all the settlement options that you and your spouse can mutually agree to.
  • A mediator will help you and your former spouse reach a resolution on your own without inserting any opinions or orders.
  • A mediator will resolve any dispute that may arise between you and your spouse.

Sometimes, the New York family court may appoint a qualified mediator on your behalf. This person may or may not be an attorney.

Or, you and your former spouse can agree upon a mediator that you believe will best facilitate your proceedings. When looking for a mediator, you should look out for their experience and knowledge of family law. Rest assured, you will find an attorney that fits this description at our firm. So, without further ado, retain the services of one of our skilled divorce attorneys in Nassau County today.

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